• Easy to install, no code knowledge required

  • Easy to use interface

  • Fastest site search for your Shopify Store

The price will be $1.49 during the beta process and $1.99 there after.

Simple Instant Search provides an easy search as you type feature through drop-down results with images & prices displayed. High relevancy results page that automatically integrates with your Shopify Store. Your visitors would get the most relevant search results from the moment they start typing in your Shopify Store’s search box.

One of the best ways to attract visitor attention is to provide them what they looking for in an easy manner. With our autocomplete feature, once a visitor starts typing the desired text in the search field they will start to see the results instantly allowing them to engage directly whether they are on mobile or desktop devices.

Fastest Instant Search for Shopify Stores


  • instant product search results with the lowest possible latency
  • Search as-you-type product names, images, and prices
  • High relevancy search results drop down that automatically integrates with your Shopify Store
  • 100% pure adaptivity, does not break or replace your store’s original functionality
  • 30 seconds installation


Search Live Demo

DEMO (just start typing in the site search box)

What problem does Simple Instant Search solve?

Currently Shopify is using a generic search with a page that displays the search results, wasting visitors time to browse few pages until they find what they want. Simple Instant Search is looking to eliminate unnecessary steps providing the visitor with a quick and easy search.

How does it solve the problem?

It automatically adds a drop down of results that is displayed along with the product image and price allowing the visitor to engage directly with what they are looking for.

How does your app work with Shopify?

Once you install our app, there is nothing else do be done. It adds its settings automatically without breaking any code or functionality and starts to work out of the box.

How will this change the look of my store?

You can have a look at our demo store or the screen shots at the right hand side, the Simple Instant Search integrates a smooth drop down to your current Search bar that provides related results to what is typed in the search field.