• Flexible Options for Product Only, Collection or All Store

  • Easy to install, no code knowledge required

  • Easy to use interface

It’s Free To Start Using, No Trials Just Free

We have been working very intensively on our Gift Wrap Plus app to create a complete solution for Gift Wraps on Shopify Stores.


  • Create Gift Wraps for All Store Products
  • Create Gift Wraps for choice of Collections Only
  • Create a Gift Wrap for specific Products Only
  • See Stats of your best performing gift wraps and other activities


Creating gift wraps in your store allows you to offer to your customers more than just a product, it is a known fact that promoted stores have a higher rate in increased conversion.

You can edit all aspects of the gift wrap display from text to notes for your customers aswell as the image for the gift wrap, providing a flexible way to create you gift wrap products.

Check out our demo CLICK HERE

What problem does Gift Wrap Plus solve?

By default Shopify doesn’t come with a gift wrap feature, customers who want to gift wrap their products can now use our app with many extra features to customize it at the same time.

How does it solve the problem?

It automatically adds the gift wrap feature to your stores allowing you to create different price ranges for different gift wrap products. You can add a gift wrap on a product level, meaning you can define different prices for products that are different in sizes, which saves you money by letting you put a correct price instead of a general price for all sorts of products. In short, with Gift Wrap Plus you can add gift wraps to one product, many products specifically, collections or a specific collection or even the whole store itself. The main purpose here is to increase your sales with the extra option.

How does your app work with Shopify?

Gift Wrap Plus allows you to add as many gift wrap products as you wish. Once you install there is no code changes that you have to do manually, everything happens automagically and all you have to do is follow the live step guide to create your first gift wrap product. For Sold Out products (inventory tracking is required) Gift Wrap plus stops itself and will disappear from the product page until the product is back in stock again.

How will this change the look of my store?

You can have a look at our demo store or the screen shots at the right hand side, the Gift Wrap option displays just above your “add to cart” button, there is also fade/slide animation options to attract further attention by your visitors.


Report: Gift Wrap Plus is not just a guessing app that you install and hope for the best, we provide a 30 day report on your Gift Wrap products activities so you can see what has been happening and how effective it has been on your store.

Style: Gift Wrap Plus arranges it looks automatically by taking your websites current design using the default style/css, so there are not extra codes or files that needs to be weighed on your website.

Gift Wrap Products: It allows you to add any image that you would like to be displayed as your gift wrap product.

Sold Out Products: It will stop working automatically once a product is sold out to avoid any unnecessary complexions.

All store Rule: It activates the Gift Wrap on all products in your store with just one rule.

Product Rule: It activates the Gift Wrap feature for a specific product only.

Collection Rule: It activates the Gift Wrap feature for a specific collection only.

Note: When a rule is created, it activates a section for Notes, allowing you to acquire further information from your customer to be included in the gift package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create more than 1 gift product and rule? Depending on your price plan you can create as much as gift products and rules.

Would Gift Wrap Plus slow my website down? Absolutely not. Gift Wrap Plus loads on your website asynchronously and displays with a very simply animation.

How is the pricing on gift wrap products? You are in total control of the pricing of your gift wrap products and can define any price you wish.

Product Rule: If you have defined a gift wrap for a specific product, all the other rules will be deactivated for this specific product and will display the gift wrap customized for this specific product .

Collection Rule: Once you create a gift wrap rule for a collection, all the products in that collection will be defined for this specific gift wrap product which will show on all the products in that collection.

All Store Rule: The rule creates a gift wrap product for all the products in your store unless you create any other rule for specific product or collection, the all store rule will be active on all products.

Plans and Limits:

  • Small Plan : Free!!! Up to 5 Gift Orders
  • Medium Plan : Up to 20 Gift Orders
  • Large Plan : Up to 70 Gift Orders
  • X-Large Plan : Up to 150 Gift Orders
  • Unlimited Plan : Unlimited Gift Orders

Bare in mind that the number of orders are for the last 30 days. Which means your order quota never gets reset and it will continuously roll over until you reach your plans limit.